Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We have left Indy on our way home and should be back around 9:55. See you all then!

Heading home

We are on our way to the airport in Baltimore. What a perfect day.

So many good pictures at the WWII Memorial.

Another good picture of Mr. Elke for his wife to see. He is at the WWII Memorial in front of the IL pillar. Its such an amazing memorial.
Here is one of our four wonderful lady veterans. Pauline Phipps is pictured here with Navy Commander David Bretz all the way from Villa Grove, IL.


Mr. Howton and Mr. Jones riding on the bus.

More WWII Memorial

These men were just positioned this way waiting for our bus to return. What a good picture it made!
Here are Mr. Jenner and Mr. Jacobs who are at the WWII memorial. We spent most of our time enjoying this memorial.

WWII Memorial

Here we are, Congressman Aaron Schock, Breanne(who is blogging and photographing) and who HAD to get in one photo, and the best leader you could ask for, my Don Niehart! What another great trip he planned...
After taking our group photo, we had a nice surprise from Aaron Schock, Congressman from Illinois.

Stopped by Marine War Memorial(Iwo Jima).

Mr. Loomis is enjoying this memorial. What a BEAUTIFUL day!

First stop is Arlington to see the Changing of the Guard

Here we are at Arlington. Mr. Elke and Mr. Lyng are here waving to Mrs. Elke, who we know is following us. The weather is fabulous and looks like we couldn't have asked for a better day! Off to WWII memorial....

Emotional arrival at Baltimore Airport

Yet another amazing reception for our veterans at Baltimore airport. Mr. Schwartzlose is holding one back.
Mr. Feller is captured in the excitement. They are taken by surprise of this wonderful reception they receive.

We even had a Bagpiper

This bagpiper was good. He was playing the Marine Hymn. Mr. Sprague is being thanked for his service. What an awesome thing for our veterans!!

What a Reception in Indy!!

We have arrived at the airport in Indy. As you can see we had an impressive
welcome. Thanks to the USO who were there to salute and greet our men and women.

Off We Go!!!

We are boarding our buses.
Veteran, Mr. Armstrong and Guardian, Mr. Knox are ready to go. A big," HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to Mr. Armstrong, today happens to be his birthday!
Look at this, one of our veteran heroes, Mr. Jenner from Greenville, Illinois came dressed in full uniform. He is pictued with Laura who will be helping lead this trip.

Bright and Early Check In

Good Morning! Its 1:30am and we are all smiles getting checked in and ready for one fabulous day. Look at these two handsome men, Mr. Humpfrey as the guardian and Mr. Ryan his veteran.