Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Big people, little people, tons of people, greeting and thanking our veterans for their service.

Veteran Mr. Rollin Sands enjoys a hand shake from a little greeter!!!

Arriving at Washinton D.C. airport

Here are our wonderful nurses, Laura and Sue. I think one is a little sleepy!!!

Its Flying Time

On the plane to D.C. This flight attendant is thanking each of our veterans for their service!!!

One of a kind greeting at the airport in STL.

This wonderful lady came dressed in uniform to greet our veterans at the airport in St. Louis as we boarded the plane.

Going through security/Awaiting departure

Look at all these wonderful people getting ready to go through security.... Say Hi momma Vic!

Mr. Latarte one of our veterans is sitting here with his grandson, Chris Carter, who is accompanying him on this trip. We are getting ready to fly out to D.C.

Veteran Mr. Hatter and Mea Epps pictured.

Veteran Mr. Hatter who is from East St. Louis is sitting here all dressed up in his beautiful Central Illinois Honor Flight shirt. Next to him is his niece who will be on this trip assisting two other veterans. Mr. Hatter will be taken care of by his daughter, Terri Hatter.

Checking In

Here we go, its 5am and our wonderful Laura is helping to get our veterans checked in.

St. Louis Airport Arrival

Good Morning! Here we are bright and early, it 4:30am and these veterans are awaiting check in.