Monday, February 18, 2013

Speaking engagement for Guns Save Life-Pontiac, IL

Hello Don and George,

My name is Wendy Lund and I am engaged to John Boch, President of the Guns Save Life (GSL), organization in Rantoul.  Matt Difanis provided me with your contact information.  I am heading up a team of people to book speakers for one of the new satellite branches of Guns Save Life in Pontiac, IL.


We had OB Streeper lined up to speak at the March 5th meeting.  OB was from Chenoa, IL and a WWII vet.  OB spoke at the GSL meeting in October and told his story of being shot down over occupied France and how he survived the next 87 days.  After hearing OB speak, John and I also welcomed home the Honor Flight at the Savoy airport in late October/early November.  It was quite a moving experience for both of us.  Unfortunately, OB passed away last Wednesday.  He was laid to rest today. 


I had contacted Matt to see if he would be able to come speak about the Honor Flight program in place of and in remembrance of OB, those that have passed, and for those that are still here.    Unfortunately Matt is already booked that evening.  Would either of you be willing to come to Pontiac and speak about the Honor Flight Program?  I know it’s quite a haul but we feel that it’s such a great program, we want to get the word out even more.  Or, if you know someone in the Mclean/Livingston County area that is connected to the Program that would come speak, that would be wonderful as well. 


We may have a mix of “speakers” that evening.  My thoughts today were to maybe show part of OB’s speech from the October meeting, have his daughter say a few words and then have someone from the Honor Flight speak as well.


Please let me know if one or both of you would be available or if you can connect me with someone locally that would speak.  As you well know, we are loosing these fine WWII vets faster than we can get their stories. 


Thank you in advance for any information.


Wendy Lund

Human Resources


NuAir Filter Company, LLC

2219 West College Avenue

Normal, IL 61761

309.888.4331 ext. 204

309.452.1336 Fax


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